Residential & Commercial Carpets

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Today’s carpet offers a wide variety of choices in style, fiber composition and colour. Gone are the days of having to select the conventional loop pile – a carpet style consisting of yarn and uncut loops. With new technology and production methods, carpets are now better designed to fit well with today’s active lifestyles, families, pets, and of course allergy concerns.

Carpet is available in many forms and materials. Nylon, olefin (polypropylene) polyester, triexta, and wool are all popular choices. Choosing which is best suited for your lifestyle and living space can be a challenge. With years of experience, our professional team will guide you in choosing the perfect carpet for your needs.

At Twin City Tile Co. Ltd, we are experts in carpet installation and carry a vast selection of both residential and commercial carpets. Correct installation is a priority to us and we take all precautions to ensure your flooring will last for years to come.

Carpet and Your Health:

Often carpet has been mistakenly blamed for contributing to allergies, asthma and for emitting high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Numerous studies indicate that in fact carpet is better at trapping allergens than hard surfaces such as tile or hardwood. Carpet fibers catch particles and allergens that fall to the floor and trap them, making it impossible for the allergens to circulate in the air. Of course, proper cleaning with a vacuum is an effective method of removing the trapped dirt and dust in the carpet.

For more information, click here to view the Canadian Carpet Institute’s health facts related to carpet and indoor air quality.